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Bug#245164: Should be able to get high debconf priority even if there were problems in the installation

Kenshi Muto wrote:
> In my opinion, this is because base-config misses ORIG_PRIORITY when
> it is called from debian-installer stage.
> Here is a patch, and it looks work correctly.

It seems to me that this always sets ORIG_PRIORITY to the
debconf/priority from the installer. ORIG_PRIORITY is supposed to
contain the default debconf priorty used on the installed system, so the
priority can be set temporarily to the priority used by the installer,
and then reset back to the ORIG_PRIORITY after base-config. Your patch
seems to break this.

If we really want high to be the default debconf priority, then the
right place to do that would be in debconf, not base-config. It's not
clear to me that we do though.

see shy jo

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