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Bug installing root on XFS on latest svn

I've tried to learn the system much enough to figure out this
stuff by myself, but it's unfortunately difficult to even understand
which the normal order of run of the packages/ is, I would appreciate
some introductary developer/bugfixer documentation.

When grub is to be installed, it livelocks, that is it gets stuck in
some loop. (this is /sbin/grub I'm talking about, not
/sbin/grub-installer). No help from the debugging output, all looks as
it should there.

I have neither been able to install gdb on it (the current gdb.udeb
seems to have some dependencies on ps_pdread, which i cannot build in

So, I would _gladly_ help doing development/bugfixing, but I need
answers on some questions.

Something explaining in which order the packages/ are run. Any tip on
how to get gdb on to the install cd so that I can (at least try to)
debug these kind of binary problems.


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