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Bug#252164: Package: installation-reports

* daveg2@charter.net <daveg2@charter.net> [2004-06-10 19:42]:
> lvscan reports the same first three lines as vgscan and concludes 
> by correctly listing all lvs, but as inactive.  Here's the first listed:
> inactive '/dev/vg1/usrlv' [1.0 GB] next free (default).  

Strange, I wonder why they're inactive... since you just created them,
they should be active.  You did just create them, right?  Or did they
exist before?  In any case, can you type:
  vgchange -a y
and restart the partitioner; then they should show up.

> And if so, isn't this where I should be able to select the line and add 
> a filesystem and mount point to usrlv?  Or should that take place in 
> the Configure the Logical Volume Manager screen?

The devices should show up in the main partitioning menu together with
the hard drive and you'll be able to format them there.

> Volume group vg1 metadata is inconsistem, Volume group for uuid 
> not found: <about 50 characters>, Unable to deactive logical 
> volume "vg1".

Hmm... after activating them with the command above, can you reproduce
Martin Michlmayr

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