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Bug#252164: Package: installation-reports

Hola daveg2@charter.net!

> Partitioning goes fine, configuring the lvm goes fine, 
> but on leaving the lvm and starting up the partitioner, 
> it hangs at 56%.  Only once out of many attempts did 
> it complete.  In that case, it continued to install base 
> system without offering to create filesystems in the logical 
> volumes. 
> During the one run that starting the partitioner completed, I 
> mkdir the mount points, mkfs.ext3 the filesystems, and started 
> mounting. I must have shot self in foot, because I lost access 
> to all commands.

> Shouldn't filesystem creation be part of logical volume creation, or
> at least a subsequent process?

Well, this might seem stupid, but did you select the filesystem in the
partition manager menu?  That's where you have to select it.  These are
the steps for LVM in the new debian installer:
 1 - Create the LVM partitions in the main menu.
 2 - Go to the LVM Menu.
 3 - Create the volume groups.
 4 - Create the logical volumes.
 5 - Go back to the main menu.
 6 - Assign the filesystems and the mount-points.
 7 - Proceed.
If you did all this (in particular, step 6), then all my explanation is
unnecesary, but your message gave me the impression that you skipped
this step.

Sorry if it doesn't help.

Margarita Manterola.

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