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Bug#248071: TODO


* stage 3:
  + Check whether it works properly with hot plugged network
    interfaces.  That is, stage 3 should not assume that these
    interfaces come up at any particular time but should wait
    for networking to become available.

* netcfg:
  + Determine whether the primary interface is 16-bit PCMCIA,
    cardbus, or neither.  Then,
    1. If PCMCIA, mark the interface neither "auto" nor "hotplug"[1]
    2. If cardbus, mark the interface "hotplug"
    3. If neither, mark the interface "auto"

The current code doesn't do this IIUC.

[1] This means, of course, listing the interface name on a "map"
line in the "mapping hotplug" stanza.

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