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Bug#248071: Hot plugged devices shouldn't be marked "auto"

On Mon, Jun 28, 2004 at 10:36 +0200, Thomas Hood wrote:
> I think that pcmcia-cs should ship with an /etc/pcmcia/network
> script that does nothing by default.

I agree. But how do we provide a smooth upgrade here? Default to the
new behaviour on new installations but ask using debconf during
upgrades from earlier versions with the old behaviour?

> The installer should enable the hotplug mechanism for all interfaces
> on PCMCIA cards.  That means listing those interface names on "map"
> lines in the "mapping hotplug\n\tscript grep" stanza.

It already does (barring bugs), but I see in another mail that you
already know that.

> All other interfaces should be marked "auto".

The installer only configures one interface (except lo).

Thomas Hood writes:
> The upshot of this for hw-detect and pcmcia-cs is that they have to
> be set up in one of the two following ways.
> 1. pcmcia-cs ifups/ifdowns interfaces on 16 bit PCMCIA cards
>    by default (as now) and hw-detect does not list such interfaces
>    in /etc/network/devhotplug, instead listing them in
>    /etc/network/devcardmgr (so that netcfg knows not to mark them
>    as "auto").  (This requires a change to hw-detect.)

I thought that this was difficult previously but now I know that one
can simply look in /var/run/stab to determine whether a network
interface is a 16-bit card (Cardbus interfaces aren't listed). So
implementing this in hw-detect should as simple as changing one line
in the gen_pcmcia_devnames function in hw-detect.sh. Changing this in
netcfg should be simple as well.

> 2. pcmcia-cs does not ifup/ifdown interfaces on 16 bit PCMCIA cards
>    by default (which requires a change to pcmcia-cs) and hw-detect
>    lists such interfaces in /etc/network/devhotplug (as now).

This solution would be preferable, but is it feasible to make this
change for sarge?

> Currently, pcmcia-cs ifups/ifdowns interfaces on 16 bit PCMCIA cards
> and hw-detect lists such cards in /etc/network/devhotplug, which
> is not one of the reasonable options: we shouldn't have hotplug and
> cardmgr battling for control of those interfaces.

I agree that this is ugly, but is it a problem in practice?


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