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Bug#252164: Package: installation-reports

On 10 Jun 2004 at 20:48, Martin Michlmayr wrote:

> * daveg2@charter.net <daveg2@charter.net> [2004-06-02 22:21]:
> > OK, I went back through the steps.  Indeed I did all of 1 through 5 in
> > the correct order.  I can't for the life of me figure out 6.  In the main
> > menu of Partition Disks, I can see all partitions including the two
> > lvm partitions, but I can't see the vg they are both assigned to and I
> > can't see the lv I created in the vg.  How do I select each lv so I can
> > assign it's filesystem and mount point?
> You should see entries like:
>    LVM VG foo, LV bar
>        #1 ...
> for every LV you create.
> Can you open a shell on alt-f2 and check with vgscan and lvscan if
> those VGs & LVs have really been created?
> --
> Martin Michlmayr
> tbm@cyrius.com

vgscan reports open cdrom0 failed, a couple lines "Incorrect metadata area header checksum, and "Found volume group "vg1" using metadata type lvm2.  Vg1 is the only volume group I created.

lvscan reports the same first three lines as vgscan and concludes by correctly listing all lvs, but as inactive.  Here's the first listed:
inactive '/dev/vg1/usrlv' [1.0 GB] next free (default). 
I see:
IDE1 master (hda) - 17.2 GB ST317240A
  #1 primary 29.9 MB <bootable symbol><symbol> ext2 /boot
  #2 primary 200.2 MB                            <symbol> ext3  /
  #4 primary 16.9 GB                              <symbol> lvm
  #3 primary 95.9 MB                              <symobl> swap swap
IDE1 slave (hdb) - 5.2 GB Maxtor 85250D6
  #2 primary  5.1 GB                               <symbol> lvm
  #2 primary 96.2 MB                              <symbol> swap swap

Isn't this the screen where I should see:
>    LVM VG vg1, LV usrlv
>        #1 ...
And if so, isn't this where I should be able to select the line and add a filesystem and mount point to usrlv?  Or should that take place in the Configure the Logical Volume Manager screen?  The only options I get for "Logical volumes configuration action:
  Create logical volumes
  Delete logical volumes
It would make sense to also "Create filesystems on logical volumes".

Delete of an lv apparently entered in error returned "Error while deleting the logical volume.... Please check the error log....  Alt-F3 showed 4 lines of Incorrect metadata area header checksum, Volume group vg1 metadata is inconsistem, Volume group for uuid not found: <about 50 characters>, Unable to deactive logical volume "vg1".

Sorry about the verbosity.  I hope I've given the right information and not too much extra.

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