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Bug#186085: acknowledged by developer (Bug#186085: fixed in tasksel 2.01)


the latest bug which was mentioned explicitely in our docs was now
closed.  This might be good news - but it is closed in a way we do not
really like.  The bug was filed to *add* Custom Distributions which
are not in tasksel but it was solved in *removing* the CDD (debian-jr)
from tasksel.  So now all CDDs are handled the same, but this does
not really help.

IMHO this increases the need for finding a method which brings up
a CDD - selection method in the very beginning of the installation

What do you think about this?

Kind regards


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Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 09:18:10 -0700
From: Debian Bug Tracking System <owner@bugs.debian.org>
Reply-To: 186085@bugs.debian.org
To: Andreas Tille <tille@debian.org>
Subject: Bug#186085 acknowledged by developer         (Bug#186085: fixed i
    tasksel 2.01)

This is an automatic notification regarding your Bug report
#186085: tasksel: Please add Debian-Med to the list of tasks,
which was filed against the tasksel package.


     - Adopted new, stricter criteria for task additions. Removed the foll
       tasks, which did not meet it: c-dev, java-dev, python-dev, broadban
       dialup, laptop, junior, kernel-compile, science, tex, games, lsb,
       unix-server. Some of these (laptop, etc) could be reinstated if tes
       were developed for them.
       Closes: #192747, #249309, #234393, #202878, #249702, #142873, #1860
       Closes: #237255, #245649, #254329

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