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Re: [waldi@debian.org: Re: [tsec-gf] Re: will s390 have a working installer for sarge?]

... let's move this to the mailing list so other people can comment.

* David Boyes <dboyes@sinenomine.net> [2004-06-02 15:45]:
> > Okay, so the remaining problems are:
> > - zipl-installer, not available(?)
> OK, so this needs to be written/done. 

There seems to be some code in d-i/packages/arch/s390 for this, but
I'm not sure how well it works.

> > - ssh (the support is finished in the glibc cvs and openssh package),
> >   this needs the possibility to restart cdebconf.
> ??? woody had ssh, and things haven't changed much for that. Maybe I'm
> misunderstanding what's needed here. 

debian-installer is a completely new installer system; it uses "udeb"s
(micro debs), small .deb packages which only contain the bare minimum
(and e.g no documentation).  Up until recently, we didn't have a udeb
for SSH at all, but this is in the archive now.

> > - language-/countrychooser at the begining is annoying
> > - cdebconf
> >   - text frontend don't respect dumb terminal definition, 
> > should disable
> >     translations.
> This sounds like a general problem. TTY on serial console would have the
> same problem. 

Maybe this is the bug that the install hangs on serial console
installs when you choose a language other than english?  Do you have
any idea how to fix it.

> >   - as discussed, default items should be prefixed with an asterisk or
> >     similar.
> Ditto.

I personally use colour on serial installs so I don't see this.

> >   - fails silent the first time on the test machine, needs some debug
> >     and the file /proc/chandev from the testmachine.
> Is this for IUCV or for CTC/etc? IUCV doesn't have a chandev entry
> because its not really a device (there's no channel associated with it).

Martin Michlmayr

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