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Bug#236533: I am confused

unmerge 236533
retitle 236533 Please configure dhclient to "send host-name <hostname>"
severity 236533 wishlist

On Fri, 2004-06-25 at 00:20, Frans Pop wrote:
> With my setup DHCP does _not_ fail the first time it is tried, as seems to be 
> assumed in the code. It succeeds within the first 20% of the progress bar and 
> I get a perfectly usable lease for the first stage setup.

OK, so you don't need to send a host-name to the DHCP server in
order to get a lease.

> After that d-i notices I still don't have a hostname, so it offers 'debian'
> as default (which I change), after which d-i happily continues the
> installation _without_ DHCP being tried again.

The default hostname in the prompt should be the one returned via DHCP,
IMHO.  I may open a separate bug report to track that issue.

> (The domainname is set correctly to 'fjphome.nl' as offered by the DHCP 
> server.)
> So, what I would like to see is 'Write "send host-name <host-name>"' added to 
> dhclient.conf either at (1) or at (2) as indicated in code below (using 
> hostname as host-name ;-)

I disagree.

If you don't need a host-name to get a lease before reboot then you
shouldn't need a host-name to get a lease after reboot.

If a host-name isn't needed then no "send host-name" line should be
written to dhclient.conf.  The installer should not configure the
system to request a lease in a different way from the way that
was tried and proved successful.

> In fact, I'm not sure that the 'else' branch to the first 'if' really adds 
> something: why would a DHCP-request with send host-name succeed if the first 
> try without one fails?

Some DHCP servers demand that a magic string be sent as the host-name.

> I agree that host-name can be different from hostname. I don't think there is 
> a situation in which sending a host-name to the server would do any harm, so 
> I think (2) would be the correct location.

Sending a host-name could result in failure to obtain a lease.

Also, sending a host-name requires asking the user for a host-name
prior to attempting to obtain a lease.  It is better to skip that
step if a lease can be obtained without asking the user anything.

> I've pasted an example of the lease I get at the bottom of this message.
> The lease I get returned _after_ (manually) adding 'send host-name 
> "<host-name>"' is exactly the same (I think this indicates that the server 
> has accepted the proposed host-name), but having the client send it means the 
> DHCP-server is able to dynamically add the host-name in my DNS server (and so 
> enabling me to ping <host-name>.fjphome.nl from other boxes in the network).

Shouldn't the server be able to add your hostname to DNS without your
client having to request this by requesting the hostname?  Sounds like
a peculiarity of your server.

In any case this is something that you can configure locally.  I don't
think that the installer should configure dhclient this way by default,
for the reasons given above.

I'd like to mark this "wontfix".

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