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Bug#221602: grub-installer: Should enable serial console on serial line installs

Quoting Petter Reinholdtsen (pere@hungry.com):
> Here are some suggestions for debconf templates to use to store info
> on the console type:

Rewrite proposal according to general style used in d-i and DTSG (now
linked on the Developer's Corner) aka Debconf Templates Style Guide.

Template: debian-installer/framebuffer
Type: boolean
Default: true
Description: Should frame buffer be enabled at boot for the console?

Template: debian-installer/console/type
Type: string
Default: framebuffer
Default[s390]: serial
Description: Console type:
 Please enter the type of the console which will be used during the
 installation. This value is used to set the environment variable TERM_TYPE.
 The "framebuffer" choice is meant for machines with some video
 hardware and a keyboard. The "serial" choice may be used for systems
 without console hardware.  Other choices such as "telnet" or "ssh"
 may be used to avoid the need for serial cables.

BTW, why not a Select template here ? The list of choices seems
somewhat limited.

Template: debian-installer/console/protocol
Type: string
Default: linux
Default[s390]: dumb
Description: Terminal protocol:
 Please enter the protocol type for the console. This value is used to
 set the environment variable TERM.
 Some commonly used protocols are:
  dumb  - no protocol, ASCII only
  vt100 - VT100-compatible terminal
  linux - Linux virtual console

Here also, a Select type may be better?

Template: debian-installer/console/serial/device
Type: string
Default: ttyS0
Description: Serial console device name:
 Please enter the name of the device (in /dev/) for the serial console.

Template: debian-installer/console/serial/speed
Type: string
Default: 9600
Description: Serial console speed:
 Please enter the speed of the serial console, in bits per second (bps).

Template: debian-installer/console/serial/character
Type: string
Default: 8N1
Description: Databits, parity and stopbits for the serial console:
 Please enter the value for databits (usually 7 or 8), parity (N for
 no parity, O for odd parity, E for even parity) and the number of
 stop bits (usually 0 or 1) for the serial console.

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