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Bug#252164: Package: installation-reports

On 1 Jun 2004 at 19:50, Margarita Manterola wrote:

> Hola daveg! 
> > Partitioning goes fine, configuring the lvm goes fine, 
> > but on leaving the lvm and starting up the partitioner, 
> > it hangs at 56%.  Only once out of many attempts did 
> > it complete.  In that case, it continued to install base 
> > system without offering to create filesystems in the logical 
> > volumes. 
> > 
> > During the one run that starting the partitioner completed, I 
> > mkdir the mount points, mkfs.ext3 the filesystems, and started 
> > mounting. I must have shot self in foot, because I lost access 
> > to all commands.
> > Shouldn't filesystem creation be part of logical volume creation, or
> > at least a subsequent process?
> Well, this might seem stupid, but did you select the filesystem in the
> partition manager menu?  That's where you have to select it.  These are
> the steps for LVM in the new debian installer:
>  1 - Create the LVM partitions in the main menu.
>  2 - Go to the LVM Menu.
>  3 - Create the volume groups.
>  4 - Create the logical volumes.
>  5 - Go back to the main menu.
>  6 - Assign the filesystems and the mount-points.
>  7 - Proceed.
> If you did all this (in particular, step 6), then all my explanation is
> unnecesary, but your message gave me the impression that you skipped
> this step.

Good catch, Margarita.  Thanks!  It did not click in my mind that I need to go back 
into the partitioner to create the filesystems and mount-points.  I'll take another look.

I just today discovered the IBM donation of EVMS to the LINUX world.  I'll bet I also 
need to select evms-udeb?  I have not been because I didn't know what EVMS is.  If 
not required, what does evms-udeb add?

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