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Re: Bug#244451: Installation Report; Failed

That's strange. Can you send us enough info about this service partition
so we can try to set one up, and perhaps reprocude the bug? The
partition layout, partition type, and the first several kilobytes of
such a partition might suffice to do it.
It's listed as a compaq service partition in cfdisk, It's a 41MB primary partition.
I believe it's a FAT12 but not sure how to confirm. 
I can supply an ISO image of the utility cd that created it, if you want it?
I'm not sure how to provide the first several kilobytes.
You never did tell us what happens if you start d-i, and after it fails
to find the CD, go to a shell (alt-f2) and try to mount the CD manually
(mount -t iso9660 -o ro /dev/cdroms/0 /cdrom)
I posted this to your original reply.
What happens if you go to a shell and manually try to mount the CD?
    I get a "not a directory" error
Have you tried running the menu item that checks a CD for validity?
    Same Thing
Do you have a /dev/cdroms at all on the system when the service
partition is present, and if so, what are the contents of the directory?
Yes, I have the /dev/cdroms directory.
see shy jo

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