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Bug#248627: Debian Installer version 4 - Installation report

On Sat, Jun 12, 2004 at 22:21 +0200, Thorsten Schaefer wrote:
> In the meantime I've downloaded the daily installer beta from June
> 1st and the testcandidate 1 and with that the network card works fine during
> the complete
> installation phase.

Oh? So you didn't have the DHCP problem when you used tc1?

> 1. When I select german during the installation process and reboot during
> the base-config and then complete the configuration after the machine is up
> again, the rest of the base-config runs in english. This happened with all
> the versions described above

Well, you're not supposed to do that normally. But file a bug against

> 2. I've tested the above things also with the Xircom card CE3B-100BTX that
> is also supported by the xirc2ps_cs driver but only has the network and no
> modem function. This card worked in all installations and did not have the
> problem like the REM56G-100. The only thing that looked strange is that
> during the basic PCMCIA and ethernet configuration of the installation. The
> card gets an IP-address via DHCP however in all versions of the debian
> installer the message that the card couldn't find an IP adress and if a DHCP
> request should be tried again. Certainly only a cosmetic issue.

Bug #244819 looks similar, but it was supposedly fixed a month ago. I
suggest you file a new bug against netcfg or a new installation
report. It's certainly not only a cosmetic issue.

> Translation issues:
> Several translation issues I mentioned earlier and that Dennis solved, seem
> until now not to have found the way from CVS into the Debian Installer.

"Until now"? So they have been fixed now?


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