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Re: about netinst

Quoting wlinks (wlinks@wastedlinks.com):

>    I believe I need to burn all 4 .iso files in 1 cd, right?

Which 4 ISO ?

You need bruning only ONE ISO.

First of all, choose the ISO most appropriate for your need, between
tc1 and sarge_d-i or sid_d-i daily builds (OK, the d-i page is
currentrly confusing for these two), either businesscard or netinst.

businesscard will need you to have net access during the installation
1st stage in order to complete. netinst is a big bigger but does not
require net access for installing the base system (you will need it
for installing additionnal packages such as graphical environment)

Burn it on a CD using Nero or whatever Windows CD burning program,
boot the CD and voila.

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