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Bug#252164: Package: installation-reports

On 1 Jun 2004 at 19:50, Margarita Manterola wrote:

> Hola daveg!
> Well, this might seem stupid, but did you select the filesystem in the
> partition manager menu?  That's where you have to select it.  These are
> the steps for LVM in the new debian installer:
>  1 - Create the LVM partitions in the main menu.
>  2 - Go to the LVM Menu.
>  3 - Create the volume groups.
>  4 - Create the logical volumes.
>  5 - Go back to the main menu.
>  6 - Assign the filesystems and the mount-points.
>  7 - Proceed.
OK, I went back through the steps.  Indeed I did all of 1 through 5 in 
the correct order.  I can't for the life of me figure out 6.  In the main 
menu of Partition Disks, I can see all partitions including the two 
lvm partitions, but I can't see the vg they are both assigned to and I 
can't see the lv I created in the vg.  How do I select each lv so I can 
assign it's filesystem and mount point?

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