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Re: Automatic Installations

On Wed, Jun 30, 2004 at 10:46:23AM +0200, sferriol wrote:
> a solution is to create a ldap driver in cdebconf (see debconf), and 
> have all answers in a debconf db in external host
> sylvain

Thanks for the replys, but I think my problem is a little more complex.

Yes, that helps with the package settings, but i would need to
support multiple user and hardware profiles as well as configuration that isn't
properly handled by debconf, for example flash, pre-defined
desktops for users or KDE kiosk mode.

For me the remote part of fai is not so important, more so is
that i can put all the configuration onto one cd with a
repository. And manage that with classes.

FAI at least can do this(With a lot of scripting), and I was wondering
how easy this would be with the debian installer. As it seems
that the harware detection in the d-i is superior.


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