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Bug#248071: TODO for hw-detect and/or pcmcia-cs

On Mon, 2004-06-28 at 22:47, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> > 2. pcmcia-cs does not ifup/ifdown interfaces on 16 bit PCMCIA cards
> >    by default (which requires a change to pcmcia-cs) and hw-detect
> >    lists such interfaces in /etc/network/devhotplug (as now).
> Yes.  This will be nice since these ifup/ifdown hack in pcmcia-cs is
> Debian specific hack added in pre-Woody days.  I like to see this but
> the pcmcia-cs maintainer looks like he is determined to keep current
> feature with good reason.

pcmcia-cs has a new maintainer who may have different ideas.

> As I see, the only compromise pcmcia-cs maintainer may accept should be
> the one which he does not need to worry about use[r]s complaining unhappy 
> upgrade experiences.

We certainly don't want to inconvenience users who upgrade pcmcia-cs.

> Thomas, is it possible for you to provide debconf low priority question
> to customize pcmcia-cs in traditional ways with ifup/ifdown hack
> (default of pcmcia-cs package) and alternatively to customize pcmcia-cs
> without old Debian ifup/ifdown hack (seeded by debian-installer).
> This is like new hotplug package.

What I would suggest is that /etc/pcmcia/network be modified so that
it does nothing (by default) if a flag file named something like
'/etc/pcmcia/network.no-default-ifupdown' is present.  The sarge
installer could then create this file in order to select the new
behavior.  Thus, people who merely upgrade pcmcia-cs don't see a
change in behavior but people who install sarge get the new

If the pcmcia-cs maintainer preferred he could give the admin the
chance to create this flag file by answering a debconf question in
the affirmative.

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