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Bug#248071: TODO for hw-detect and/or pcmcia-cs

Hi, this bug is now filed to netcfg as I understand :)

On Mon, Jun 28, 2004 at 07:45:38PM +0200, Thomas Hood wrote:
> The upshot of this for hw-detect and pcmcia-cs is that they have to
> be set up in one of the two following ways.
> 1. pcmcia-cs ifups/ifdowns interfaces on 16 bit PCMCIA cards
>    by default (as now) and hw-detect does not list such interfaces
>    in /etc/network/devhotplug, instead listing them in
>    /etc/network/devcardmgr (so that netcfg knows not to mark them
>    as "auto").  (This requires a change to hw-detect.)

Maybe this may be more easily implemented considering the audience of
this bug.  But IMHO, it is not nice.  Why retain Debian specific hack in
the installer pcmcia-cs udeb system which has no need to have
compatibility with ifupdown package of Potato.

> 2. pcmcia-cs does not ifup/ifdown interfaces on 16 bit PCMCIA cards
>    by default (which requires a change to pcmcia-cs) and hw-detect
>    lists such interfaces in /etc/network/devhotplug (as now).

Yes.  This will be nice since these ifup/ifdown hack in pcmcia-cs is
Debian specific hack added in pre-Woody days.  I like to see this but
the pcmcia-cs maintainer looks like he is determined to keep current
feature with good reason.

As I see, the only compromise pcmcia-cs maintainer may accept should be
the one which he does not need to worry about uses complaining unhappy 
upgrade experiences.  

Thomas, is it possible for you to provide debconf low priority question
to customize pcmcia-cs in traditional ways with ifup/ifdown hack
(default of pcmcia-cs package) and alternatively to customize pcmcia-cs
without old Debian ifup/ifdown hack (seeded by debian-installer).
This is like new hotplug package.

This should give people upgrading from Woody smooth transition while
fresh Sarge install can get nice hotplug enabled system.

... wait pcmcia-cs package you are talking may be udeb.  Well, in that
case, we can share code base with updated deb package, isn't it?

Just a thought...

(By the way, tc1 CD was detecting 16bit PCMCIA NIC but recent sid-di are
not detecting 16bit PCMCIA NIC any more. A bit wondering.)

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