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Bug#248627: Debian Installer version 4 - Installation report

> Okay, all this looks correct. The strange thing (which I first missed)
> is that it didn't work the first time you booted but it did the second
> time. What did you do after the first boot? Did you install any
> tasks/packages from CD? Has the network card worked on all following
> boots?

I did not install any additional packages/tasks after the first boot. The
network card worked fine on all following boots.
To make sure that this is not a one time issue I've performed again a fresh
installation with the newest version of the debian installer (dated June
As this time the installation was done in a non-dhcp environment, a fixed IP
was chosen. This time the network card had a working IP connection from the
first login on.
I'll do another installation in a few days in a dhcp environment to check if
the issue can be reproduced and report back about the result.



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