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2.4.18 kernel compile 2.4.18 kernel hang using Symbios driver Re: Acroread Re: Almost got milo working on ruffian... Alpha 2100A Installation Problems alpha bf failure Alpha CD images on x86 Re: alpha-kernel 2.4.18 any experience here with building an alpha->i386-pc-cygwin32 cross-compiler? Apple snubs Alpha Processor Inc. are there bootable net install alpha woody isos? Booting Alphaserver 4000 Woody Booting an Alpha with CMD646 IDE Chipset and 2.4 Re: Bug#142703: sword 1.5.3-1 will not build on alpha with assembler error with map templates building a bootable iso woody image using floppy images Build of gs-aladdin 7.04 Re: CIA machine check ? clean woody install on alpha Debian boot floppies with new MILO for pc164, ruffian, xlt Debian on Alpha DEC 2000 AXP Debian on the Aspen Durango II [AlphaPC164 LX] Dual Pro AlphaServer 2000 4/200 EM86 Re: EM86-> flash plugin Files missing in package libapache-mod-speedycgi Firmware update CD fsdfds Getting io adress of an ISA Networkcard Glass beads imitation pearls graphical browser for alpha/stable GTK on Alpha How to get Netscape 4.7 load an application Install on Alpha 164LX Jensen Boot Floppys Jensen Install Stops Re: Linux kernel and floating point. Re: MILO, initrd and kernel-image-2.4.18, again FW: Netscape on Alpha? OOrinoco wireless on DS10 with T.I.cardbus bridge pci card? please someone test texmacs on alpha problem with large disk quake2 missing Realtek 8139 metwork card Replace Avanti processor w/ Cabriolet? SnadBoy Software Registration A SOLUTION: Booting 2.4.18 kernel w/ sym53c8xx on XLT-300 sources for apt-get Still a problem with 2.4.18 on Alpha with MILO? Re: Still need help... Success! 2.4.18 working on my Alpha! Re: Super-slow compilation UP1100 for sale upgrading from stable to woody USB on Alpha? Re: Video playback Video playback (was: Re: EM86) Re: What have we learned? (WAS -RE: Idea: Reponse to the responses( was RE: Interesting idea....(at least I think so) )) Who keeps writing /etc/resolv.conf? woody axp install problem XDM and Noritake XLT-PC164-Ruffian MILOs available for test The last update was on 14:27 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 188 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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