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Re: 2.4.18 kernel hang using Symbios driver

On Wed, May 01, 2002 at 04:07:19PM +1000, Rob Byrnes wrote:
> Has anyone else had problems booting a 2.4.18 kernel with the SYM53C8XX 
> driver?
> I have a Cabriolet running Woody, and while kernel 2.2.20 with the same the 
> driver loads up fine, I get SCSI RESET error messages and then a hang while 
> trying to boot into 2.4.18.  The SCSI card is a Tekram DC 390U.
> I have also tried the "generic" NCR53C8XX driver with identical results.

Any chance you could provide us with the bootlog of the failure?

Many things have changed between 2.2.20 and 2.4.18, and a log may give
us some hints as to what might have gone wrong...


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