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any experience here with building an alpha->i386-pc-cygwin32 cross-compiler?

Perhaps someone here has done it before and has a good recipe?
I tried it using the latest binutils/gcc - got various errors.
I used the one-tree-1.6.sh and build-cross.sh scripts from the crossgcc
FAQ, with older binutils-2.9.1 and gcc-2.95.3, and it complains also:

rm -f tmplibgcc2.a
for name in _muldi3 _divdi3 _moddi3 _udivdi3 _umoddi3 _negdi2 _lshrdi3 _ashldi3 _ashrdi3 _ffsdi2 _udiv_w_sdiv _udivmoddi4 _cmpdi2 _uc
mpdi2 _floatdidf _floatdisf _fixunsdfsi _fixunssfsi _fixunsdfdi _fixdfdi _fixunssfdi _fixsfdi _fixxfdi _fixunsxfdi _floatdixf _fixuns
xfsi _fixtfdi _fixunstfdi _floatditf __gcc_bcmp _varargs __dummy _eprintf _bb _shtab _clear_cache _trampoline __main _exit _ctors _pu
re; \
do \
  echo ${name}; \
  /home/jurriaan/cross/b-i386-pc-cygwin32/gcc/xgcc -B/home/jurriaan/cross/b-i386-pc-cygwin32/gcc/ -B/usr/local/i386-pc-cygwin32/bin/
-I/usr/local/i386-pc-cygwin32/include -O2 -I../../src/gcc/../winsup/include -DCROSS_COMPILE -DIN_GCC     -g -O2 -I./include   -g1  -D
IN_LIBGCC2 -D__GCC_FLOAT_NOT_NEEDED -Dinhibit_libc  -I. -I../../src/gcc -I../../src/gcc/config -I../../src/gcc/../include -c -DL${nam
e} \
       ../../src/gcc/libgcc2.c -o ${name}.o; \
  if [ $? -eq 0 ] ; then true; else exit 1; fi; \
  /home/jurriaan/cross/b-i386-pc-cygwin32/binutils/ar rc tmplibgcc2.a ${name}.o; \
  rm -f ${name}.o; \
In file included from include/syslimits.h:7,
                 from include/limits.h:11,
                 from ../../src/gcc/libgcc2.c:1105:
/home/jurriaan/cross/b-i386-pc-cygwin32/gcc/include/limits.h:117: No include path in which to find limits.h
make[1]: *** [libgcc2.a] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/jurriaan/cross/b-i386-pc-cygwin32/gcc'
make: *** [all-gcc] Error 2

so, before I start subscribing to the cross-gcc list and try to find out
what's happening here, perhaps someone has done this recently and

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