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Re: Debian boot floppies with new MILO for pc164, ruffian, xlt

Falk Hueffner wrote:

I've built a new set of boot floppies using Jay's new MILO for pc164,
ruffian and xlt at
It would be nice if somebody with such a machine could test them.  If
you intend to do a complete install, be aware that the base-config buf
still lurks, see the previous mails for a workaround.

I wish to confirm your new milo_xlt.bin file works fine. I have d/l, extracted it to a floppy, and tested the resulting files on my XLT-300 sucessfully. I did NOT do a full new install, but just went to the "MILO" prompt. Based on my past experience with the Woody boot-floppies, I don't expect any problems with doing a full install once I get to the milo prompt.

Regarding the boot-floppies in general... I think they are in pretty good shape for the XLT series. I am running an "up-to-date" testing install presently, and I certainly have much more functionality than I have ever had at any time in the past.

The only problem I foresee from my perspecitve is that certain XLTs that have the 21171 chipset WILL have problems with the 2.4.XX kernels. I have experienced this here and recently stumbled upon a "solution", but it requires editing a file in the stock "generic" kernel and a re-compile. I have never had any problems with the stock "generic" 2.2.XX kernels provided for the Alpha. I understand that the Woody CDs will offer a choice of 2.2.XX or 2.4.XX kernels during install which could result in install problems for a small sub-set of Alphas. For this reason I would recommend that the Woody Alpha boot floppies be compiled with the current 2.2.XX kernel ONLY, and a warning / advisory be placed somewhere that if problems arise with the 2.4.XX kernel, do the initial install with the 2.2.XX kernel and "upgrade" later. Since this affects only a small sub-set of machine, could this "warning" be placed in the milo README file(s) for affected machines? I know for certain that the XLT-300 is affected, but the XLT-366 and higher is not. Just a thought for possible discussion...

-Don Spoon-

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