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Re: 2.4.18 kernel hang using Symbios driver

On Thu, May 02, 2002 at 10:21:37AM -0700, sousa jack wrote:
> Is the SCSI card plugged into one of the 64-bit slots?
> On my 600au, non-Digital PCI cards do not seem to work
> in the 64-bit slots, PCI bus 0; in fact, SRM has
> rejected many PCI devices I've tried in the long slots

Try telling SRM:

	>>> set pci_device_override -1

and it'll stop complaining. But you need to be sure that the drivers
for the card you put in the 64-bit slot doesn't violate some of the
guidelines necessary for working in an early PYXIS-based machine...

> and dmesg indicates that the kernel doesn't
> recognize/initialize correctly those devices that SRM
> didn't complain about.

I don't understand this; are you saying that when you move the cards
into the 32-bit slots behind the bridge, the Linux kernel doesn't
initialize them correctly?

> I successfully use a 53c875 and graphics cards in the
> 32-bit slots on PCI bus 1 (after the PCI-PCI bridge
> according to the -au docs).

Yes, well, that does slow them both down, passing through the bridge
and all. Try the above incantation and SRM ought to allow them both
in the 64-bit slots, and you should be alright with them there.


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