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Re: USB on Alpha?

On 2002.05.30 19:30 Sean Callanan wrote:
Dear mailing list,

I am getting an Aspen Systems Durango II with a PC164LX motherboard, a
600MHz Samsung 21164, and several PCI slots (32- and 64-bit).

Good system. I use a 533 MHz LX daily as my primary machine. While not as zippy as the dual P4 on my desk at work, it holds its own quite well.

* What PCI USB host controllers would work with Debian/Alpha?

I have a generic OHCI USB PCI card in my LX -- sorry don't remember the brand. I use it primarily for a CompactFlash reader (for a digital camera). Make sure you have a recent 2.4 kernel... there were quite a few Alpha-specific bugs with early 2.4 USB support. Support is still not what I'd call flawless -- very few Alpha systems have USB ports.

* Would any USB CD-RW supported by the 2.4 kernel be supported by

I would think you're taking a big chance with USB CD-RW and Alpha... I have a SCSI burner and it works fine; others I know use IDE w/o a problem (though make sure you have the very latest SRM firmware for IDE to work well). If you already have the burner, give it a shot. Otherwise I'd advise against it.


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