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Still a problem with 2.4.18 on Alpha with MILO?

	Has the problem with MILO and 2.4.18 with initrd been resolved?
I've got a DEC Multia (noname) that I'm still currently runnin 2.2.20
because I can't get it to boot any 2.4 kernel using initrd...

	As I don't have enuf drive space to compile my own kernel
without initrd I'm using the 2.4.18-5.0.1 generic kernel on the mirror
and the latest MILO from testing... MILO (2.2-17) loads from linload.exe
(1.5) and then when it starts to the kernel it either stops at the
vertical line where it usually starts loading the kernel or it just
restarts back to the MILO prompt... 

	Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I've tried most of
the suggestions I found in the archive as I am not on the -alpha mailing
list at this time... If you could please include me in the Cc: I would
appreciate it.

	Jeremy T. Bouse

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