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Re: Booting an Alpha with CMD646 IDE Chipset and 2.4

On Tue, 14 May 2002, Alexander Wirt wrote:

> I tried to boot my 164LX Alpha with an selfbuild and either and debian
> image (2.4.18) both failed.
> The debian image couldn't find /dev/hda (maybe my fault).
> My selfbuild dies when enabling the IDE Chipset.
> It isn't able to set the interrupt, and then it stops
> with lost interrupts. Thats all booting stops there.
> I recompiled the the kernel without dma and multiword, but that
> don't worked. I also enabled the CMD640 bugfix option but that don't
> helped. Has anybody an idea to boot my alpha with 2.4? 

Lost interupts? Are you booting from SRM? If so you need to enable the 


Rich Payne

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