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Re: Acroread

On Wednesday 01 May 2002 15:32, Fabrice Haberer-Proust wrote:
> Does somebody know an exact URL where to download Acrobat Reader OSF1
> version? It is not available on the eval CD of RedHat 6.2 axp, and I do
> not find it neither on ftp.redhat.com nor on www.adobe.com
> Many thanks in advance.

On adobe:

You will have, after the installation, to modify the main acroread shell 
script which call the acroread binary.

Here is mine (edit it to modify the installation path at the beginnning).

Don't forget also to install the OSF1 shared libraries (available with the 
rpm tru64compat that you can find on www.rpmfind.net and alienized to obtain 
a debian package)


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