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I havent been on this list in a few months now (which is strange seeing how i never unsubscribed myself...).

Tonight i realized how (by lack of a better word) crappy the Linux/Alpha broswers are, i couldnt navigate any sites with the least bit of complex javascript. I tried with Mozilla and Konqueror with the same results (utter frustration). So i checked if there was a Netscape port to Alpha or something, which i found there was but i wasnt able to download it from Compaq. I no longer really care about the browsers, what i do care about is what i found while looking for netscape.

EM86, the x86 emulator for Alphas. I almost fell on the floor when i found out it existed, and that it was made by Digital (people who im guessing knew the Alpha well). So i downloaded what i could find of 0.4 in RPM format, converted them to debs, and installed them. Once that was done, i went to run it and i got:

em86: error in loading shared libraries: em86: undefined symbol: __getdents.

A bit frustrated, i uninstalled it and went to download an older version i found which actually had a "how to install" file, it was 0.2 of EM86. I installed exactly like they said and i get:

em86: error while loading shared libraries: unexpected reloc type 0x01@

My search on google began. I found out that i'm far from being the first to get that undefined symbol error, but i have yet to find a solution to it. Everywhere where i've seen "solutions" it was kernel related stuff, which i already had going.

I did read though that EM86 doesnt work with new versions of glibc, would any of you know if there is any truth to that? EM86 looks to be very interesting, i would really like to get it going if at all possible.


Richard Fillion

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