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Re: EM86-> flash plugin

On Wednesday 08 May 2002 15:19, Richard Fillion wrote:
> Thats another problem, i just CANT connect to Compaq's site.  Its been
> like that for like 6months for me.  It resolves the IP, but then
> nothing.  Its weird.  So the URL you just gave me, i cant connect to. :(
> Apt cant install deb files which arent from your apt sources or atleast
> not that i know of.  To install stray deb files, use the "dpkg" tool.
> The reason i wanted EM86 is to run things like netscape for x86 so that
> i could view flash and all the other cool not-alpha-friendly stuff.
> Unless you guys know how to get the flash plugin to work on the Alpha,
> which would also be useful to know.

There is the GPL flash plugin available here:

But I had problem to compile it (segfault on exec).

You can instead download it from rpmfind:

and then, you have to alien it.


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