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Re: Getting io adress of an ISA Networkcard

On Sun, May 26, 2002 at 06:17:02PM +0200, Jonathan Fey wrote:

> Hi,
> has anybody an idea how I can get my ISA ne2000 networkcard work on alpha?
> I need the io adress and maybe the irq too for beeing able to load the ne 
> module. 

Can you try Donald Becker's setup utils?  (www.scyld.com).  I have not
tried them on Alpha since my onboard ethernet has sufficed, but on
occaision I've needed to use them to get/set I/O address and IRQ.

The source code is really simple and has always compiled easily for


Phil Mendelsohn

"To misattribute a quote is unforgivable." -- Anonymous

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