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Re: EM86

On Wed, 8 May 2002, Richard Fillion wrote:

... Snip
> While im listing my problems, may aswell make the list complete.  Has 
> anyone here gotten OpenGL going on an Alpha?  I am using a PCI ATI 32Meg 
> Radeon card, its a nice card and X runs great with it.  The only 
> problem/complaint i have is that i cant get OpenGL because of the lack 
> of the GLX extension for the card.  For x86 users its as simple as 
> telling make menuconfig for the kernel that you want DRI support for the 
> Radeon.  Unfortunately for me, that option doesnt come up unless i add 
> support for AGP which i dont have/use.  I'm considering ditching the 
> card for another so suggesting another card is a possibility.

I have a pci Radeon in my LX and it does OpenGL quite well.  As far as 
I recall, you do need to enable AGP to build the correct modules.  The 
performance is fairly good.  No one on the list seemed to be interested, 
but I reported success running a Quake2 in OpenGL mode after the source
was released.  
> Video playback, mpegs are fun and all, but well, does anyone know how I 
> could view different formats of video?  Possibly asf, maybe divx?  I 
> know im asking much here, but it woudl be fun.

I believe that xine works fine on alpha for this.  I've been playing 
videos mainly on my dual xeon box lately, so I'm not quite sure which 
video players I got to compile on my alpha machine.  I'll try to check
this out later and send the results to the list.

-Eric Christy

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