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Re: Alpha CD images on x86

On Thu 23 May 2002, Bill wrote:

>   I'm wondering if it's possible to create Alpha cd images with an x86
> platform computer?  If so, I'm using Nero burning rom to do this with, but

Sure, no problem

> the images aren't selectable in the burner program, they don't exist.  Is it

Maybe nero (a windows program, I assume?) insists on the image files
having a certain extension, e.g. .iso or so?

> true the cd drives in the Alpha are 600mb, and would there be some sort of


> conflict between the platforms and creating the cds?

No. A cdrom is a cdrom. The hardware is the same, the formatting is the

> And, can anyone tell me if the memory in the Alpha 1200 is proprietary?  I
> can't get a straight answer out of anybody.

I don't know that system, so I don't know. Straight enough? :-)

> Can I use the hardware (i.e. video card, NIC) out of an x86 machine?

Basically, yes, but the hardware must be supported by the BIOS
(for the initializing of the video card) and the alpha linux kernel
(some drivers aren't 64-bit compatible, for example). Also if you want
X, then the video card must of course be supported by the XFree86
software on alpha.

Paul Slootman

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