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Re: XDM and Noritake

On Sat, May 11, 2002 at 02:29:37PM -0500, Richard Fillion wrote:
> Now for a slightly more technical problem.  Well, not really a problem, 
> just something that irritates me a bit. If i do "cat /proc/cpuinfo", it 
> tells me i have a Noritake processor, which is fine with me.  But when i 
> build my kernel for the Noritake instead of Generic, it builds it for 
> EV6 which i dont have, and then the kernel isnt bootable.  I tried 
> almost all the processor types and i have yet to find one that boots. 
> Is this a common problem?  This is a Digital Server 3000, it has a 
> 500Mhz 21164 EV56 cpu.

That's not good; what kernel sources are you using?


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