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Re: MILO, initrd and kernel-image-2.4.18, again

Ian Bruce <ian.b.nospam@myrealbox.com> writes:

> However:
> I tried directing the Linux console to a serial port so that I could
> see all the boot messages, which previously had gone by too fast to
> read. Apparently the MILO image from "testing" does not have serial
> port support compiled in (why not?), but with the Linux console going
> elsewhere, the MILO output was left on the monitor.

MILO should be compiled to echo everything to the first serial
port. Its not affected by any options.

> It turns out that if you specify a nonexistent file for the "initrd"
> parameter (like "hda1:/initrd" or "/foobar"), MILO neither produces an
> error message nor halts the boot process, as it does when it can't
> find the kernel image. Is anyone still maintaining the MILO source?
> Maybe I'll submit a patch to fix this.

I think thats because thekernel can also load the ramdisk, like

(from meory)
boot fd0:linux initrd=/dev/fd0 load_ramdisk=1

Then the milo will fail to load the ramdisk but the kernel will prompt
for one. Afaik that the magic behind this so catching real
errors/typos is hard.


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