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Re: XLT-PC164-Ruffian MILOs available for test

Jay Estabrook wrote:
Get 'em while they're hot... ;-}

Available for anonFTP at:


you'll find floppy images of MILOs for:

	XLT (aka XL300/XL366, EV5 CPUs only)
	PC164 (not LX nor SX)
	Ruffian (aka UX)

These MILOs are based on Stefan Reinauer's <stepan@suse.de> latest
MILO code (2.2-18) and LINUX kernel (2.2.19) patches, found at:


They contain enhancements in the areas of:

1. they work on XLT and PC164 :-)

2. they can deal with the so-called sparse superblock EXT2 partitions
   (ie partitions larger than ~2GB in size, which require a blocksize
    larger than 1K)

Patch sets for the changes are in the process of being mirrored to
gatekeeper, and should appear within the next day or so.

Please report any problems directly to me, Jay.Estabrook@compaq.com.

Let the fun begin! :-)

I am delighted to report that your new milo works GREAT on my XLT with Debian "testing" and the 2.2.20 kernel. Great work, Jay! Thanks a bunch!

I still have problems booting the 2.4.18 kernel using the built-in NCR 810a SCSI controller card. This at least eliminates MILO from the list of culprits... More info in a separate message on this issue.

-Don Spoon-

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