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Re: upgrading from stable to woody

On Tue, 28 May 2002, Adam C Powell IV wrote:

> >edit /etc/apt/sources.list to point to woody, and do apt-get
> >dist-upgrade
> >
> This usually works great, but for an upgrade of this magnitude (between
> releases), I'd strongly recommend dselect or another tool with
> interactive dependency negotiation.  It's really helpful to be able to
> choose between packages providing dependencies, and to see what's
> Recommended and Suggested, even though dselect is a pain about
> Recommends... but that's another matter. :-)

I was going to ask if one could do this using dselect rather than
apt-get dist-upgrade, but concluded that it was a dumb question and
that the answer was obviously 'no'. I guess I was wrong. Do you have
to do anything special in dselect, or it's just a straight Upgrade?

When woody becomes stable, we'll just set our sources.list back to
stable and carry on?

I'm also confused about kernels. I think I read that there was a
choice of kernel versions to use with woody. I guess there's no
problem with upgrading to woody using the same old kernel? I assume
that dselect doesn't do kernels.

Sorry if I'm asking dumb questions after all :-)

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