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Re: Getting io adress of an ISA Networkcard

On Sun 26 May 2002, Jonathan Fey wrote:

> I am proud to run: Linux
> MIME-Version: 1.0
> Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit

It looks like you've tried to insert a header, but it's not
rfc822-compliant and thus mutt (and probably other MUAs) assume that the
body begins at that line.

> has anybody an idea how I can get my ISA ne2000 networkcard work on alpha?
> I need the io adress and maybe the irq too for beeing able to load the ne 
> module. 

The original ne2000 ISA cards had jumpers or dipswitches on the card, I
believe. This means that you have to look at the card and compare the
settings to what's in the manual.  But I'm assuming you have some
supposedly NE2000-compatible card, not the original one... Yours is
probably PnP, from your other info:

> On my x86 I only had to look in BIOS to get these info, but in my AlphaBios 

Only PnP ISA cards will be recognized by a BIOS. Other possibility is
that you're looking at the data entered manually by someone for
reserving resources for "legacy ISA".

> there is nothing like that (I run an Digital PWS 500a / Miata). Is there any 
> programm that can probe for these adresses? 

If it's a PnP card, you need the isapnptools package. Basically, you
once dump the pnp data into a file, edit it to select the settings you
want the card to use, then save that in the appropriate place, so that
it gets used upon every boot after then.  I also gather that newer
kernels can handle ISA PnP themselves (great, now that ISA is dying out :-)

If it's not a PnP card, then just use the settings it had on your intel
system, as the settings won't change. At least, so long those settings
don't conflict with anything, else you'll need to find out how to change
the settings... That may entail plugging it back into an intel system
and using its own config program under DOS, if it doesn't have any

Paul Slootman

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