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Re: Realtek 8139 metwork card

jonathan.fey@t-online.de (Jonathan Fey) writes:

> I think I'm not asking anyting new, but I have an Realtek rtl8139
> chip network card and don't konw which kernel module I have to
> load. rtl8139 and 8139too which work fine on my x86 machine dosn't
> exist. Can I use the "ne" module or is this card not supported by
> Alpha platforms?

8139too works fine on my Alpha, at least the one from 2.4. ne won't
work, it's a different chipset. So either file a bug report against
kernel-image-2.2.20-generic, or use the 2.4 kernel images, which
includes a 8139too module. Or just compile a kernel yourself :)


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