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Re: What have we learned? (WAS -RE: Idea: Reponse to the responses( was RE: Interesting idea....(at least I think so) ))

On Fri, 26 Apr 2002 rmurray@debian.org wrote:

> The autobuilder is currently running on lully, which is more capable than
> any of the other alpha machines available.  Indeed, it is one of the top two
> fastest buildds.

Hmm.  Maybe we should install that second cpu.  It's currently only using one.

> We current have three alphas available for developer access.  faure
> (potato), lully (woody), and escher (woody).

Is it possible to install the chroot harness onto lully?  I note that there is
a 9gig disk not yet mounted(the other 2 are).

Also, the original plan was to raid0 those drives together.  They currently
aren't.  Do we still want to do this?

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