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Re: XLT-PC164-Ruffian MILOs available for test

Jay Estabrook wrote:

> Get 'em while they're hot... ;-}

Really hot. Worked out of the box (for me, on PC164).

> 1. they work on XLT and PC164 :-)

For PC164, I can confirm that. (Months ago I reported
problems related to a switch to "Reinauer Milos" for
Debian woody.)

> 2. they can deal with the so-called sparse superblock EXT2 partitions
>    (ie partitions larger than ~2GB in size, which require a blocksize
>     larger than 1K)

I didn't check this, i simply believe it. ;-)

> Please report any problems directly to me, Jay.Estabrook@compaq.com.

I didn't have a problem, so I post to the lists. :-)

Great, thanks Jay!

Stefan Schroepfer

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