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Re: Debian boot floppies with new MILO for pc164, ruffian, xlt

Stefan Schroepfer <whoknows@onlinehome.de> writes:

> Falk Hueffner wrote:
> > I've built a new set of boot floppies using Jay's new MILO for
> > pc164, ruffian and xlt at
> > http://people.debian.org/~falk/disks-alpha/current/
> Huh, no answer so far? I just did some testing on PC164.  I verified
> that milo and linload.exe are identical to those files I already use
> (recent Jay's MILO update), so I only tested rescue.bin and root.bin
> to some extent.
> What I can say: One gets easily into the "Installation Main menu"
> (but I didn't do a new installation).

Nice :)

> As an aside: What milo image is actually on your PC164LX MILO floppy
> (IIRC, the "Reinauer" milo 2.2-17 works o.k.  on LX, but 2.2-18 has
> reboot problems).

All other architectures use 2.2-17, so that should be ok.


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