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Re: EM86

Interesting EM86 apps ... etc,

Well, x86 to me meant "run this x86 app on your Alpha," where "this app" was coded for the NT platform. Later that evening, I realized that, over the years, people have turned out code for x86 Linux that might be interesting for Alpha Linux users. In the context of this thread, such an app would be Opera. It's only available for x86, doesn't make NT system calls, and doesn't provide source code; which considerations make it an ideal candidate for em86.

As I expected, many of you noticed the short-sighted statement. Had I posted a retraction, it would nevertheless have been buried in the rush to contradict. So, I wait for all the "but you didn't consider...." responses and reply en masse.

I've never heard of em86, my familiarity is with a similar tool: FX86. AFAIK, that never made it to Alpha Linux from NT.

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