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Re: EM86

Of course, while I was in the middle of composing the first edition of this reply, Netscape crashed.
However - what URL were you using? I noticed one of them was dead. I was able to download the
software earlier this week. Try the following URL: netscape
You'll need Alien, and, IMHO, I'd convert to a .deb and install in one pass. I still can't figure out
how to tell apt to install from an arbitrary .deb.
Also, why bother with EM86? Most of the "interesting" apps on that platform require NT.
microsoft free by 2003

Richard Fillion wrote:
I havent been on this list in a few months now (which is strange seeing
how i never unsubscribed myself...).

Tonight i realized how (by lack of a better word) crappy the Linux/Alpha
broswers are, i couldnt navigate any sites with the least bit of complex
_javascript_.  I tried with Mozilla and Konqueror with the same results
(utter frustration).  So i checked if there was a Netscape port to Alpha
or something, which i found there was but i wasnt able to download it
from Compaq.  I no longer really care about the browsers, what i do care
about is what i found while looking for netscape.

EM86, the x86 emulator for Alphas.  I almost fell on the floor when i
found out it existed, and that it was made by Digital (people who im
guessing knew the Alpha well).  So i downloaded what i could find of 0.4
in RPM format, converted them to debs, and installed them.  Once that
was done, i went to run it and i got:

em86: error in loading shared libraries: em86: undefined symbol: __getdents.

A bit frustrated, i uninstalled it and went to download an older version
i found which actually had a  "how to install" file, it was 0.2 of EM86.
  I installed exactly like they said and i get:

em86: error while loading shared libraries: unexpected reloc type 0x01@

My search on google began.  I found out that i'm far from being the
first to get that undefined symbol error, but i have yet to find a
solution to it.  Everywhere where i've seen "solutions" it was kernel
related stuff, which i already had going.

I did read though that EM86 doesnt work with new versions of glibc,
would any of you know if there is any truth to that?  EM86 looks to be
very interesting, i would really like to get it going if at all possible.


Richard Fillion

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