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Re: Alpha CD images on x86

From: Schroeder, Aaron <Aaron.Schroeder@qg.com>
Date: Fri, May 24, 2002 at 07:30:52AM -0500
> You can pretty much expect with reasonable certainty that the memory in just
> about every alpha is different from x86, even other alphas. A general rule
> of thumb is that alpha memory is ECC, parity-based, etc.

I use plain ECC PC100 dimms in my PWS 500 (Miata) from Ebay - I think
these will work in a 1200 also.

> You can use the hardware for the most part, video is interchangeable, NIC's,
> again, for the most part are interchangeable between the platforms. Alpha's
> do not support USB, I have not tried sound cards. I have a couple Miata's
> here and they have built-in sound cards. That would be a good test to see if
> sound cards work in Alpha computers or not, if you do test, I would expect
> to see detailed test results posted.

Well, my PWS500 works just fine with a pci USB addon-card, and later
generation PWS500's have onboard USB. As for soundcards, a noname cmipci
8738 card works just fine here, using Alsa.

> The best hardware combo that I have found is a Matrox (any generation) PCI
> video, and a DE500 (21140, or "Tulip" Chipset) That will get you support in
> X, and get you on a network.
www.linuxalpha.org / www.alphalinux.org has a hardware database per
model. I am very satisfied with my pci Voodoo 4500.

Good luck,
I _like_ using goto's every once in a while: it can often mess up the
gcc optimizer just enough to get beter code out of it.
	Linus Torvalds
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