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Re: Realtek 8139 metwork card

Jonathan Fey wrote:
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Am Samstag, 18. Mai 2002 15:30 schrieb Falk Hueffner:

8139too works fine on my Alpha, at least the one from 2.4. ne won't
work, it's a different chipset. So either file a bug report against
kernel-image-2.2.20-generic, or use the 2.4 kernel images, which
includes a 8139too module. Or just compile a kernel yourself :)

Is three no way to get my Card work on my Machine than a new Kernel or an Update? I still run Debian Potato 2.2 r4 / Kernel: 2.2.18pre21...


If either of these modules is NOT listed in /lib/modules/2.2.18pre21/net directory, then you don't have many other choices. There are no "substitutes" to the best of my knowledge.

Not to "rain on your parade", but I tried to get a RealTek 8139 card going on my Alpha a little over a year ago with one of the early versions of "Potato"... without much success. I believe it was version 2.2r2 or so. Anyway, I recall there being some NIC "driver" problems in the kernels of about that vintage that I experienced on other (i386) machines. These went away when I moved to a 2.2.19 kernel. I have been using the 2.2.20 kernel w/o any problems for many months now. I would highly recommend the "upgrade" to the 2.2.20 kernel image for the Alpha. It is just a good move, IMHO.

I never got the rtl8139 NIC to work correctly on my Alpha, even with the latest and greatest modules. I eventually moved to a 3Comm 3c905c "tornado" NIC, which has worked perfectly. The "tulip" based NICs seem to work quite well also. YMMV, but if your time is important, I can guarantee you that the "hardware" solution will be MUCH quicker than the "software" solution....maybe not cheaper, though <g>.

-Don Spoon-

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