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Re: EM86

Thats another problem, i just CANT connect to Compaq's site. Its been like that for like 6months for me. It resolves the IP, but then nothing. Its weird. So the URL you just gave me, i cant connect to. :(

Apt cant install deb files which arent from your apt sources or atleast not that i know of. To install stray deb files, use the "dpkg" tool.

The reason i wanted EM86 is to run things like netscape for x86 so that i could view flash and all the other cool not-alpha-friendly stuff. Unless you guys know how to get the flash plugin to work on the Alpha, which would also be useful to know.

Richard Fillion
-Proud Digital Server 3000 owner

Jeffrey Chimene wrote:
Of course, while I was in the middle of composing the first edition of this reply, Netscape crashed.

However - what URL were you using? I noticed one of them was dead. I was able to download the

software earlier this week. Try the following URL: netscape <ftp://ftp.support.compaq.com/private/alkpha-tools-software/netscape>

You'll need Alien, and, IMHO, I'd convert to a .deb and install in one pass. I still can't figure out

how to tell apt to install from an arbitrary .deb.

Also, why bother with EM86? Most of the "interesting" apps on that platform require NT.

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Richard Fillion wrote:

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