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Re: Still need help...

Shannon Menkveld <shannon@strangehouse.com> writes:

> Sorry about this, bu can anybody give me a boot string to boot the
> Potato install CD from the MILO prompt?  I can boot the kernel, with 
> boot hda:boot/linux.

boot hda:

should do it ideally. The cd image should have a config file for milo
on it just like the floppy. (I hope potato did too). Only (?)
Jensens need a special comandline.

> but if I try to set the root to /dev/hda or /dev/hda1, if fails with a
> kernel panic, because it can't mount a root filesystem.  Is there a way
> I can boot from CD-ROM with MILO?

You need to load the root.bin from the cd as ramdisk (if the above
method doesn't work).

(from memory)
boot hda:boot/linux root=/dev/ram initrd=hda:boot/root.bin load_ramdisk=1


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