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Jensen Boot Floppys


Because booting from cdrom doesn't work on my jensen (dec 2000 300 axp)
(Debian, Mandrake, Redhat and NetBSD iso's did'nt worked),
i tried to boot from floppys, which did not work again...
I did exactly what is described in "http://www.khubla.com/jensen.html";,
but when i try to boot from the hd:

>>> boot dka300
aboot: valid disklabel found: 2 partitions.                                     
aboot: booted_dev=`scsi 1 6 0 0 300 0 jens-io', guessing boot_device=`scd0'     
aboot: don't know how to mount partition 1 (filesystem type 9)                  
aboot: mount of partition 1 failed                                              
Enter kernel name and arguments:                                                aboot>

aboot seem's to be broken, because of the partition from my hd, but i have
two nice partitions, one 4mb to boot and one 4gb, for... i don't know.... 
I tried to write another image on the hd, but the kernel did'nt start. 
The kernel was somewhat 1.3.x.  Now, there are other images, but i don't 
know which to use. It seems, that all the info's about jensen are 5 years 
or more old :( 

If somebody installed linux successfully on a jensen, pls mail me how...
or with what iso's... or floppys...

cu, Dobin

PS: i think it would be very, very funny if i throw that thing out of the

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